Certifying Seafood Quality From Catch To Consumption

From Catch To Consumption

New Product Quickly Verifies Seafood Quality from Catch to Consumption

The determination of quality and condition of seafood is important to the marketability and safety of the product to the consumer. The ability to take repeatable, accurate, and quantifiable measurements of seafood quality is essential to guarantee a safe and wholesome product for the end consumer. Seafood Analytics provides quantifiable measurements and quality certification that is used in all segments, from catch to consumption, of the global seafood industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and programs or to place an order or click here to learn more about the science behind our technology.  Once you see how the Seafood CQR and our certification program can help you quantify, and verify, the freshness of your seafood product, we’ll work with you to identify the optimum points of integration in your existing evaluation process.


Seafood-CQR (Patent Pending)

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